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Roof Repairs

A roof repair is when you remove all the existing roof material down to the wood decking. This is done to achieve two things. One, finding wet or water stained wood guarantees that the problem is corrected. Two, replacing rotten or water damaged wood helps in the restoration of the roof back to its original condition.

  • Residential Repair – A residential tile roof repair gives us the opportunity to showcase our expert craftsmanship and knowledge of our local roofing systems and ability to correct common deficiencies left behind by the original builder.
  • Commercial Repair – Many commercial buildings require preventive maintenance to help the roof system meet or even exceed the expected life spans. Our preventive maintenance programs are a great way for us to show our commercial skills by focusing on a small % of overall roof at a reasonable budget, which will make sure the clients roof will last and be leak free throughout it useful life.

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